Abstract Wildlife Art

Alison Ingram is a talented and versatile wildlife artist renowned for her beautiful abstract wildlife paintings. She lives in the beautiful Sussex countryside which inspires the majority of her work.

Inside the website there are extensive galleries of mainly British birds and our migratory visitors but also British mammals too. There is a dedicated gallery for puffins, one of Alison’s favourite birds to paint. There are galleries for private commissions and available paintings. There are new wildlife art prints available along with greetings cards from most of the paintings.

Alison has a unique interpretation of wildlife, which is highly distinctive for it’s exploration into the world of colour, light, form and design. Her abstract wildlife paintings use harmonious colour and design to unite the painting and are instantly recognisable and unforgettable. Contact Alison.

Where to see Alison’s paintings in 2021.

There is a lot of uncertainty about exhibitions and art fairs going ahead this year.  In the meantime Alison will be catching up on commissioned work and producing small paintings which will be available for sale through the website and via her facebook page. However, due to family circumstances Alison has limited time to paint so there is a limited amount of new work being produced. Alison is currently unavailable for studio visits but is always available to discuss commissions and sales.